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BYP Associates Ltd has met the construction industry standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaire PAS 91 requirements including the Health and Safety standard together with the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

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BYP Associates

Chartered Quantity Surveyors

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We are a small family-run business practice working on Buildings and Civil Engineering projects. Our main objective is to produce Quantity Surveying services to higher standards at a cut-price. Over thirty years experience in the Quantity Surveying field and in particular expertise in producing Bills of Quantities in NRM2, RMM, SMM7, CESMM & HIGHWAY.

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Quantity Surveying

Bills of Quantities

BoQ’s are produced on a BCIS format with a package basis or NRM 2 grouping method for the clients selection. Electronic measurements are assigned to our BYP library of descriptions and exported to excel in a wrapped format for the clients use. Electronic take off and the marked-up drawings will be generated for the clients retention and for the audit trail. A sample copy of the BoQ is available for download.

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Quantity Surveying

Cost Planning & Budgeting

Cost planning and Budget estimating are completed in CANDY/CATO Estimating software using resource-based cost analysis and exported to excel and or PDF for the clients use; a fully comprehensive report will be generated using the software. A sample copy of the Costplan is available for download.

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Quantity Surveying

Schedule of Works

Quantified Works Schedules are a less expensive option and are produced using electronic take-offs and assigned and exported to excel and or PDF for Tender documentation. BYP has a library of description where quantities are assigned, and the descriptions are modified to suit the client requirements. The Tender document will comprise of an Instruction to Tender ( ITT) which will be subject to the clients requirement. The fee proposal is based on RIBA Stages 1-7 or SBS Frameworks subject to client requirement and agreement. A sample copy of the Quantified Works Schedule is available for download.

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Our experience is Vast

Our expert team has a combined experience surpassing forty years working in the industry servicing a multitude of clients.

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